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Publisher McGraw-Hill will change textbooks after mom’s complaint about slavery depiction goes viral

By Dylan Baddour, Houston Chronicle 

920x920In a video posted Thursday, Roni Dean-Burren of Pearland pointed out a caption in her 9th grade son’s 2016 edition World Geography textbook, which said the Atlantic slave trade “brought millions of workers from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations.

Dean-Burren said the wording – specifically calling slaves “workers” – sanitized the history of slavery in America by not mentioning that slaves were captured violently and forced to work against their will. Her video garnered half a million views by Friday and nearly two million by Monday.

The textbook, published by McGraw-Hill, is part of the newest generation of Texas public school text books, which won approval earlier this year after heated controversy over their content.

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Pearland Resident Wins ‘Energy Superstar’ Contest

RICHARDSON, TEXAS – Finding age-appropriate chores for young children can be difficult, but Wes Holloman of Pearland, Texas, found a chore that was not only manageable for a young child, but also teaches the value of saving money and being energy conscious – which is exactly the type of energy-saving advice Lennox Industries was looking for when it launched its “Energy Saving Superstar” contest.

AND THE WINNER IS… As part of his entry into the Lennox “Energy Savings Superstar” sweepstakes, Wes Holloman of Pearland, Texas, submitted the following energy-savings tip:

Holloman shared his family’s “lightning bug” tip as a home energy-saving idea by entering the national contest sponsored by Lennox, a leading manufacturer of residential cooling, heating and indoor air quality products, and it helped him snag the contest’s grade prize.

The contest challenged entrants to submit unique tips for saving energy at home, as well as a photo depicting the tip. As part of his prize package, designed to help the family beat the heat now and in the future, Holloman will receive:

  •  $10,000 in Lennox cooling, heating and indoor air quality equipment
  • A one-year supply of ice cream
  • Tickets for him and his family to a water park near their home

 For the winning submission, Holloman gave his five-year-old daughter the responsibility of turning off all the lights before leaving the house and the family now refers to her as their “lightning bug.”

“Giving our daughter the responsibility of turning off lights is a perfect chore for her,” said Holloman. “She not only helps us save money with the energy bill each month, but it’s also teaching her at a young age how to be energy conscious.”

 With the goal of helping Holloman further lower his utility bills and improve the overall comfort of his home, the $10,000 prize will go toward the purchase of high-efficiency Lennox heating, cooling and indoor air quality products.

“We received hundreds of innovative energy-saving tips as part of the Lennox Energy Savings Superstar Contest, but with his simple yet creative idea, Wes Holloman shows how even small changes can make an impact on the energy efficiency of a home, and we’re excited for him and his family,” said Kyle Golden, energy efficiency expert at Lennox Industries. “Since Lennox is a recognized leader in energy-efficient heating, cooling and indoor air quality equipment, the Holloman family can be confident they’re receiving products that will maximize energy savings while also keeping them cool during the long Texas summers for many years to come.”

The Lennox “Energy Savings Superstar” contest entry period was open from July 1 through Aug. 31, 2015, enabling consumers from around the country to submit their energy-saving idea and a photo depicting their energy-saving tip. Lennox selected four finalists to compete in a head-to-head public vote on the company’s website from Sept. 14-20.

The three additional finalists, Jessica Tucker from High Point, N.C.; Jason McCoy from Pittsville, M.D.; and Christy Leeper from Morrison, Colo.; submitted the following energy-saving ideas:

“We just bought a new house, we are working on getting it automated and better insulated so that we save energy. I haven’t yet informed my partner but I am seriously considering implementing a “hog jar” system. It would be the same premise as a “swear jar,” but instead of paying a dollar every time you are caught swearing, you pay a dollar every time you are caught having left the light on without purpose (which for him is often). We will have a small fortune before you know it.” – Jessica Tucker

“An electric clothes dryer is an energy hog! Why use a heater (the dryer) and waste energy in the summer? Save some kilowatt hours while enjoying the outdoors by using sunshine and a breeze to dry your laundry. Plus your kids will become energy saving superstars who love to help get the job done! And a clothesline isn’t just for summer – it works in the fall and spring as well. The house stays cool, our electric bill is lower and there’s no lint trap to clean. Sunshine and a breeze to dry laundry – now that’s using solar power!”  – Jason McCoy

“We use a countdown timer when we take showers to conserve water. It also forces us to hustle in the mornings!” – Christy Leeper 

Holloman garnered the most votes on the Lennox website, topping Tucker, McCoy and Leeper to become the official Lennox “Energy Savings Superstar.”


logoOn Wednesday, Oct. 7, thousands of students, parents, community leaders, and state and local officials across the United States will walk and bicycle to school in celebration of Walk to School Day.

“The popularity of Walk to School Day continues to grow [each year].  In the past decade, the number of events has doubled. Communities have held more than 34,000 events nationwide,” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx in a recorded video message encouraging students and parents to get involved in Walk to School Day. “But there is room for more. We encourage all schools and communities to participate.”

As of Monday, more than 3,900 events have registered celebration at, and that number is expected to increase throughout the month of October.

“Walk to School Day events provide students and families the opportunity to reconnect with the simple joy of walking to school,” said Lauren Marchetti, director of the National Center for Safe Routes to School, which serves as the coordinating agency for the event. “Events also bring attention to the importance of physical activity and safe transportation environments for walking and bicycling in communities nationwide.”

This one-day event in the U.S. is a part of an international effort in more than 40 countries to celebrate the many benefits of safely walking and bicycling to school and to encourage more families to consider getting out of the car and onto their feet on the way to school in October. Walk to School Day began in 1997 with a single school. Since then, participation has grown every year, with 4,783 events registered through in 2014, setting another record.

Walk to School events will be held nationwide on Wednesday and throughout the month of October. To view the names and locations of registered U.S. schools participating in Walk to School Day 2015, visit

Locally, Pct. 3 Constable Buck Stevens will be at Silverlake Elementary all day Monday and Tuesday doing lecture and will be there Wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. to do the actual walk, along with other officers and FedEx.
The National Center for Safe Routes to School maintains the Walk and Bike to School website,, with funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.

For a complete list of other countries participating in International Walk to School Day, visit:


First Aid & CPR Workshop Oct. 17


Insider’s Guide to Pearland Art & Crafts on the Pavilion

Art, live music, and culinary finds fill the Pearland Art & Crafts on the Pavilion this weekend at the Pearland Town Center from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  The open-air retail space is the perfect backdrop for this setting filled with 40+ artisans and artists.

Here’s a quick list of the Frequently Asked Questions about this year’s Pearland Art & Crafts on the Pavilion.

Is there an admission fee?
No, the event is Free and open to the public.

PTC-Pavilion-mapWhere is the Pearland Town Center Event Pavilion?
The Pearland Town Center is located at 11200 Broadway St. near the intersection of Highway 288 and Broadway/FM 518 on the west side of Highway 288.

The Event Pavilion is set at the heart of the retail center in an island just past the intersection of Town Center Boulevard and Market Street.

What’s the best way to get to the Pearland Town Center?
Coming from Houston, travel south on Highway 288 and exit FM 518.  Turn right at the light on FM 518/Broadway.  Continue on Broadway to the second light – Town Center Drive and turn left.  Continue straight on Town Center Drive to the first stop sign, turn left or right to begin looking for parking near Macy’s or Dillards.

Additional access points are also available off Broadway Street/FM 518, which include Kirby Drive and Business Center Drive.
Where is parking?
Parking is available in any of the open, retail parking spaces at the Pearland Town Center.

What are the hours?
Enjoy the event from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Are pets allowed to attend the event?
The event is outdoors at the Pearland Town Center; four-legged friends are welcome on a leash.

Are public restrooms available?
Yes, public restrooms are within walking distance of the Pavilion near H&M.

Is there an ATM in the area?
Yes, guests can use the ATM located in the Pavilion area located directly behind Cinnabon.

Will there be music at the event?
Darren Scully of Courageous Band performs on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m

Modulation Band performs on Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m.

deb-wightWhat types of artists are featured?
A collection of 40+ artists from Pearland and the Houston surrounding area feature items in several categories, all items are handcrafted.

What food options are there?
On Saturday, the Dawson High School culinary team presents“Food as Art” individual Spanish tapas as a fundraiser for culinary art scholarships.

The “Food Truck Court” rolls in on Sunday from 11 to 5 with offerings from DLish Curbside Bistro, Nom Mi Street, andChilly Willy’s Frozen Shaved Ice.

Great weather, an amazing event and unique art are just a few reasons to visit Pearland this weekend!

PISD eNews: October, 2015


Time to Shine  

Ten competing for National Merit scholarships  

Ten Pearland ISD students are hoping their academic prowess takes them to the top in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program. They currently rank as semifinalists. More 


District to launch new website 

The countdown has begun! Pearland ISD is preparing to launch a new website this fall with a clean, user-friendly design for parents, students, staff and community members. Stay tuned for more details and previews via our current site and social media channels.


District celebrates 226 students with top AP exam scores  

Yard signs throughout the community made it clear Pearland ISD is proud of students who made the highest score possible on Advanced Placement exams. These 226 students from Dawson, Pearland and Turner College and Career high schools rank among the top 14 percent of AP exam takers worldwide. More 

Groomed for Success      

Livestock show steers students down career path     

The 2015 Pearland ISD Livestock Show & Career Expo proved that the fourth time can be a charm too. The auction total this year was the highest yet. More 

In Other News 

THINK CLEAN: H-GAC recently tooted the horn of the district’s Transportation Department for its efforts to improve air quality. More

DYSLEXIA: Are you aware? It’s National Dyslexia Awareness Month! Learn more about this learning disability. More

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR COLLEGE READINESS: Learn how your child can use social media to help stand out as a college applicant. Attend this free workshop Oct. 6 at the Education Support Center. More